Transatlantic Studies

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This site offers the opportunity for students form the BA and MA programs at the Amerika-Institut of Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich to publish their work and research on transatlantic relations.

60 years ago, in October 1962, the Cuban Missile Crisis brought the world to the brink of a nuclear war. The crisis not only signified the most dangerous Cold War confrontation but can also help to learn about crisis management and crisis resolution.

Populism: Reasoning With an Ambivalent Term in American History and Beyond

The term populism occupies one of the top places in contemporary political debate in the US and other democratic societies. An BA practice seminar explored the nature of populism in the US theoretically and historically with the aim to gain an understanding of populism and publishing practices in new media.

German Women of Rubble: Between Myth and Reality

In her Independent Study Project Erica Lansberg explores the role and position of German women in the “American Zone” during the allied occupation of Germany after the Second World War.

Finding the TransAtlantic

With a focus on individual research, students spent one semester exploring different approaches to transatlantic history; from travel to politics from social constructs to personal friendships.

Marshall Plan Films

The Marshall Plan is often regarded as a particularly successful aid program that also helped create a strong Transatlantic bond . As part of Independent Study Projects, four BA students analyzed select films produced to sell the Marshall Plan to European audiences. They discuss four major topics:

Transatlantic Post War Moment

Culturally and historically the Post-War Moment was pivotal for transatlantic relations. An MA research seminar looked at this phenomenon a little closer. You can read more about the idea behind the seminar in the introduction. The individual posts are grouped along five themes:

America in Munich

Throughout the summer term of 2022, 16 students at the Amerika-Institut explored the city of Munich as an arena of transatlantic history. The resulting online exhibit illustrates the many facets of the continued presence of America in Munich and features topics ranging from politics and cultural events to military history.